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24 Dec

For the first time I turned a job down because I thought it was too much for me. A client arranged for me to look at a “Christmas Tree which was planted some years ago in the garden which needs to come out”.

I was skeptical, but I packed my chainsaw and gear and drove to the client’s house. A very nice gentleman showed me through to his back garden.

He pointed to a 70 foot high Western Hemlock of some maturity – about 20 inches girth. “That must have used a canny few fairy lights” I said. He proceeded to ask me if I could fell it.

I thought yes, absolutely but I said “Not without trashing your green house, your neighbours garden or your sitting room. There is only one spot it will go – along your property boundary.”

Then I heard myself say “I will not do it because it is too risky, I will give you the name of a reputable tree surgeon – he is a friend and he will dismantle it from the crown down for you”

I walked away feeling old but alive.

I have several guardian angels who are my Valkyries. Polly, my daughter pictured above gives me the desire to act sensibly (she calls it good Daddliness).


Clare, my wife is the Valkyrie who strengthens my mettle, sharpens my wit and makes me brave.

I am a lucky man!

God Jul, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you my lovely readers.