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26 Jun

I still prefer to listen to a Long Playing record when I am working in my studio. I delivered this piece to a valued client who had commissioned it as a birthday present for her beloved. She made him close his eyes as I brought it in to their lounge. His reaction of eye-popping delight was the best pay back made my day. He said “Oh wow! Oh wow! You made this for me? Oh wow!” My lovely, generous client had also pyro-graphed some pithy quotes from his favourite songs onto the cabinet in my studio. She had a hand in making the piece.

Love is an analogue. It is not a digital experience.




What I mean by this is that true love follows a fiery arc, like the legendary Bifrost rainbow, carrying souls on to their destiny (or Valahalla in my case, axe in hand). One cannot partition affection, it burns continuously with passion or not at all.

LPs are cool in the workshop because I can have a breather every 15 or 20 minutes for a faff, or a think, a reappraisal, a sweep up, or to imagine the location of a lost tool. The sound quality is way better than a CD, which are, admittedly more convenient and less susceptible to fine particles of sawdust! I am unashamedly retro too.

The piece is made in olive ash and Sapele, with through dovetails connecting the shelves and plinth to the sides. My client gave me a very precise brief and a good little sketch to work from. I let the timber express itself in the final design by retaining some of the waney edges.

relating to or using signals or information represented by a continuously variable physical quantity such as spatial position, voltage, etc.
“analogue signals”

a person or thing seen as comparable to another.
“an interior analogue of the exterior world”

“Like” in other words. I’m pretty sure, my clients partner likes his birthday present and the like extends to love.

Analogue folks … Like the tides it comes and goes. Like the best love, it flows continuously.




29 Nov


Every man should have a shed. In my case courtesy of Yorkshire Artspace I now have a very fine studio, suitable for woodworking, teaching future woodworkers, thinking and making, developing my business.

Various factors made me chose to install myself here in this lovely Art Deco pile below the old Castle Market in Sheffield. My small business has expanded to the point where I need to process timber more efficiently and have several projects ‘on the go’ at any one time. I realised that working within a community of artists and makers was potentially very beneficial, and much safer, and serendipity was involved in it’s discovery. Wes Hedge, a woodworker friend, gave me the heads up a couple of months ago and hey presto – a perfect super duper shed.

The studio has high ceilings with skylights allowing natural daylight in; it is on the ground floor with easy access to a proper load bay and it is an annex to the main building. This means I can work safely and make a bit of noise without annoying my artistic colleagues and neighbours.

Clients can visit and see their commissions taking shape in a generous space which gives them room to think, and they can view finished pieces and stock.

I feel as if I finally have a head space fit for creating rustic, fine and lovingly crafted wooden pieces.

The acoustics are awesome too – my old Dual CS505 LP player and NAD amplifier sound better than ever…. to find me: