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20 Jul


I was given this beautiful natural sculpture by a client and her husband to oil and polish. His dad, a wood sculptor named Ken Webb, who possessed some real skill, passed away only recently leaving a number of unfinished pieces behind. He had gradually lost facility in his hands and relied upon small power tools to work on his pieces.

Ken Webb had salvaged the core of an old rotten tree stump and painstakingly removed all the husk, detritus and flaking debris to leave this writhing mass of dark heart wood.

In finishing it I was encouraged to smooth and sand all the intricate curving crevices of the petrified flame and encounter all the tiny score marks of the sculptors tools. With due respect to his memory, and patient skill I have left many of the tool marks under the oil and wax.

If this is the soul of a tree then it dances an arabesque, a fitting tribute to a beloved father.

He seems to appear in this view….