21 Dec

In the Norse Myth of the poetic Edda, Huginn and Muninn are the Ravens who accompany Odin, the All Father .

Huginn is supposed to represent thought and Muninn to represent memory. The birds fly around the World collecting intelligence for Odin, before breakfast.

It is not surprising that he is always worried about them not returning, without them he would have lost his marbles.

Archetypes represented in allegory are not easy to penetrate. But, I believe experience is necessary to polish learning – to combine the qualities of the two birds in balance to yield the wisdom of the Father.

I have been making a pair of dining chairs for a respected and valued client of late and I have been thinking about the Ravens. I’m a bit under the cosh as my father has taken to his bed and is waiting quietly for his own passing with dignity. My dear wife, Clare, has also been very unwell of late.

I would prefer to be at my Dad’s side right now, yet I know he would say to me:

“If a jobs worth doing lad, it is worth doing well”.

So I will just get on with the job in hand.

I have always admired his “sand” as Rooster Cogburn would have said.

For many years I put all my faith in Thought. I was a research fellow then a teacher until I was 40. A professional ‘ideas man’, a smarty pants. I was pretty impressed with myself to be honest. Now? Not so much, because I really know how little I truly know.

In the old stories Muninn was Odin’s favourite for she gave him Insight.

Muninn has been my teacher for the last twenty years and taught me the importance of ‘Meaning’. I love her very bones.


As my father would say; “Play for a Gentleman’s draw son, there are no winners in the Game of Life”

God Jul x


Hugin and Munin….or is it Munin and Hugin? Spalted Ash Thrones for a Queen and her King x

2 Responses to “Meaning”

  1. Wes Hedge December 22, 2017 at 5:31 pm #

    Hang in there Henk. Being torn between the love of craft, and the loves in your life, I know, is hard. Cherish both, in there own good time. Peace be with you all, this good season. Wes.

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