21 Dec

15th November 2019

In the Norse Myths of the poetic Edda, Huginn and Muninn were the mythical Ravens who accompany Odin, the All Father.


This is my Muninn,. I carved her into a Hawthorne walking stick for an art exhibition. I couldn’t help it, this winter Raven just came out of the stick.

Huginn represents thought and Muninn represents memory and tradition. The birds fly around the World from Odin’s shoulder to collect his intelligence before breakfast.

The All Father was always worried about them not returning, without them he had lost his marbles.

Archetypes represented in allegory are not easy to penetrate at first reading and they are not meant to be ‘easy’ to understand.

Experience is necessary to polish learning, but sacrifice is necessary to establish meaning.

I in early December 2017 I was making a pair of dining chairs for a client and my father had taken to his bed and was waiting quietly to die, having chosen his own path with great dignitas.

My wife, Clare was also been very unwell at the time. As a result of a vital operation, her voice had been stolen, a vocal cord permanently paralysed.

Despite these pressure, I delivered the chairs on Christmas eve 2017 to happy customers.

Huginn and Muninn are their names.


My all father died the next day, Dark Comedian that he was, yet I could not be at his side, as I had been at my mother’s.

I wish I had simply asked my clients to wait, because my father gave me everything.

For many years I put all my faith in the power of reason – as a researcher in zoology, and then a teacher of biology – I had to think a lot. You could say I favoured Huginn over Muninn.

In the old stories Odin’s favourite was Muninn for she gave meaning to his thoughts and a powerful memory for people, places and sources of power.

I am Muninn to Clare’s Huginn. Together we create the best tradition of Yang and Yin and the imagined pairing called a ‘karass’ (Kurt Vonnegut – Cat’s Cradle).


Don’t ever read a book by its cover.

The raven stick has been given to someone who understand her the magic of tradition. She also carries the secret of attracting wealth, I wonder if he will discover it?

He may have to visit Huginn to discover how to have his cake and eat it.

Hanukkah Sameach!







2 Responses to “Meaning”

  1. Wes Hedge December 22, 2017 at 5:31 pm #

    Hang in there Henk. Being torn between the love of craft, and the loves in your life, I know, is hard. Cherish both, in there own good time. Peace be with you all, this good season. Wes.

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