3 Feb

There are times when fancy joints, screws and nails, clamps and bolts will simply not do.


On Monday 2nd of February we cremated our mother, grandmother and friend and the glue that held the day together was our daughter, Polly Rachael Howden. Pictured here with her biological parents (Henk and Fiona) at the evening do at the Head of Steam. Polly held her cool with quiet dignity whilst all of us mourners bumped around like motes of dust in a smoke chamber. Poly vinyl acetate – PVA – or, Polly’s very adept.

On the day Polly and her husband helped us bear our mother’s coffin into the chapel, she held my hand and gave the last sweet eulogy. Pritt-y fine.

Polly and Alan and Fi's wreath

In the afternoon Polly helped her uncle Tim organise the Wake at The Rendezvous Cafe, Whitley Bay. Tea, savoury cheese sandwiches, Tunnocks Tea Cakes and hot chocolate was served to frozen mourners against the backdrop of a wild North Sea breaking on the beach. Two part adhesive: Araldite

Seen through her eyes my second wife Clare and I looked like this (knackered, but together) after the funeral. We met for dinner, Alan, Polly, Clare and I at a lovely Restaurant called The Botanist in Newcastle upon Tyne. Superglue.

Us@The Botanist Alan and Polly

The father of one of Polly’s school friends, Dave Whitton, posted this on his FB page:

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out Why.” Mark Twain

That was 25.08.1982 when ‘Bean’ was born

Polly (3)  eggs

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