9 Feb


I’ve owned some interesting vehicles in my time, but this Mark 1 VW 1800cc GTi Cabriolet has got to be the car which has given me the most pleasure on four wheels.

I didn’t even pay hard cash for her…. In fact at the time I was working for the Friends of the General Cemetery helping them to restore a listed Gatehouse, and I was driving an unbelievably boring Rover 400. Every day I used to pass an old fashioned car dealer on cemetery road and, there in the window was this peach of a car listed at £2000. I had paid £4000 for the dad-mobile. I wandered in to the gaffer’s office and said “Want to do a swap?” “Let’s have a look at your motor then.” said the owner…..”hmm a turbo diesel….ok, list price £3600, what are you after?” “The GTi, straight swap”…”Deal!” said he, and we shook hands.

Well I drove the GTi for about 6 years and every second was pure unalloyed pleasure. She leaked in the rain, rusted to lace and needed constant tweaking at my local garage, costing me a small fortune.

But, man could she move. That little GTi could burn off anything over a short stretch, corner as if she was on rails and with the top down was a thing of genteel, rusting beauty.

Clare, my wife, had to be armed with a large bottle of water when it rained, because the windscreen wipers were somewhat defective, the sound insulation was patchy, so driving down the motorway felt like being strapped to a Mescherschmitt BF 109 and there was bugger all luggage space.

Overheard on a night out with my Ranger colleagues at the pub:

“Whose car is that (indicating the GTi)?”
Pete Slater the Ranger Manager “Well, it’s either a poor drug dealer’s or it’s Henk’s skip”

As the old song goes;

Flies in the buttermilk, Shoo fly shoo!
Skip to my Lou, my darling.
Lou, Lou skip to my Lou!
Skip to my Lou, my darling.

x H

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