Mortar and Pestle, Faith and Work, in a Sea of Endless Possibilities

4 Jun

It is rare to find a physical representation of a thought. This is Zen.

Universal Peace Pipe Dreams

Hi, This a mortar and pestle , The mortar is piece of Bloodstone, and the pestle is carved from a piece of Moss Agate, they are laying in a bed of Mustard Seeds.  If you have faith, the universe will surround you with everything needed to make your wildest dreams and imaginings be realized.

But you must meet The Universe halfway, and take action.

You can’t just sit there and wish it in to reality, dreaming and imagining will draw to you everything you need to make it a reality, (it’s important to remember intention, too, when you have the greater good of The All in mind, you will be amazed at how The Universe will provide you with all you need to make it a reality.) Hey, the Universe has big plans for you !

This piece I made as a gift for a culinary artist I know. The…

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