War Pony

18 Apr

This is the war pony ‘Jos’ Leaking Sump, pronounced ‘Yos’, as in Hoss – named in honour of a most venerable warrior of the same name. Warrior Jos survived right hand index finger amputation in the battle of Iron Mangle aged 3 years and the Invasion of Sumatra by the Japanese Army in 1941 resulting in four years incarceration in a Japanese prisoner of war camp aged 11 to 15 years.

Warrior Jos is still alive and 82 is clinging on like a barnacle to a humpback whale’s chin. Jos Leaking Sump battles on also – 212,500 miles is, by anyone’s standard a long long gallop for a war pony.

war pony



The irony that this war pony is made by Mitsubishi, whose Zero Planes bombed the crap out of the American Navy at Pearl Harbour is not lost on me. Irony is a fine tradition amongst Native Americans who ride their reservations in ancient vehicles like this one. Amazingly this war pony has passed its MOT again, for the princely sum of £40 and three new tires, the MOT inspector hates this vehicle (because it leaks on his nice clean workshop floor), the garage mechanic hates this vehicle because its owner pays only in laughter. Respect the war pony.

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